by J.M. Porup (@toholdaquill)

95 Theses of Cyber

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jailers gonna jail


mass surveillance disrupts democracy and redistributes power to the secret police

what does this mean?

Welcome to indefinite detention in an open-air prison.

Without charge, without trial, without chance of appeal, without even benefit of counsel, you and I and the entire human race have been condemned to a lifetime of pre-crime imprisonment in a panopticon jail run by the secret police.

They call this good governance. They say they want to keep us safe. But we must address mass surveillance by its true name: tyranny.

To watch is to oppress. Mass surveillance swallows up every detail of our lives – not just our emails, texts, and phone calls, but also where we go, what we do, who we talk to, who we make love to, when and where we take a shit – a shopping list ad nauseum of the things that make us human.

As our humanity – even the possibility of political liberty – ebbs, we must face an unpleasant truth: Mass surveillance and democracy cannot co-exist. The so-called “intelligence community,” drunk on secret power, resists all attempts at democratic oversight. Today the American secret police operate outside the law.

Our current system of government is no longer a republic, or representative democracy, but a totalitarian dictatorship run by the secret police, with a thin veneer of puppet show “let’s pretend to have elections and vote” to keep the plebs grinding away at their meaningless jobs in a futile attempt to pay down their credit card debt.

This tyranny exists not to keep us safe – if by “us” you mean the vast majority of Americans. As the protest chant puts it: Who do you serve? Who do you protect?

The secret police, engaged in mass surveillance, are the oligarchy’s goon squad. The engines of spying turn inward, domestically, not by accident but on purpose – the greatest threat to Wall Street and the banks in the will of the people…that is, democracy.

A democracy engaged in mass surveillance will not long remain a democracy. The greatest threat to America and the freedom we cherish, or claim to cherish, is the so-called “intelligence community.” And if we want our freedom back, we must smash the engines of surveillance and punish the secret police for their crimes against the American people.

Let us strip away the web of lies: If mass surveillance continues unchecked, then let us call our system of government by its true name: Tyranny, run by the secret police, to protect the oligarchs from the people.

The truth alone will set us free.

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