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J.M. Porup

J.M. Porup is a freelance cybersecurity reporter. His work has appeared in Ars Technica, CSM Passcode, Slate, Motherboard, The Daily Dot, The Kernel, and The Economist. He specializes in covering the IoT space.

Porup began studying infosec in 2002. A programmer for many years, he learned the ropes from senior sysadmins who believed security comes first.

We now live on the Internet. The rules are different here. The power balance is different. All of the attacks we've seen over the last fifteen years are on the brink of jumping into the real world. Too few journalists and policymakers understand the consequences. That's a problem.

In addition to infosec reporting, Porup also co-authored five Lonely Planet guidebooks to Latin America: Lonely Planet Venezuela, Lonely Planet Dominican Republic & Haiti, Lonely Planet South America on a Shoestring, and Lonely Planet Caribbean Islands. He was the Co-ordinating Author of Lonely Planet Colombia, 5th ed.

Some recent work:

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